Dogs Off Leash on Silver Lake Trails

Some recent members have voiced their concern regarding dogs off-leash on the Silver Lake Trails, indicating it is against the law.  According to Brian Borden, Brookhaven Parks and Recreation Director, Section 5-5 of the Municipal Code for the City of Brookhaven notes:

It shall be unlawful for the owner of an animal to allow it to run at large unattended on or about the streets, rights-of-way, and highways of the City of Brookhaven; in any City of Brookhaven park, except in city parks that are specifically designated by signage and fencing as off-leash areas; unattended on or about the common property of any apartment complex or condominium community; or on the property of another person without permission of the owner of that property.

As a private property, the Silver Lake Civic Association (SLCA) does not have a policy requiring pets to be leashed. 

Instead, we ask that all members respect each other on the trails at all times. This includes not bringing a dog on the trail that disturbs other members or the wildlife. This also includes not bringing dogs on the property that are timid or aggressive — leash or not — around other dogs but especially with children.
In the event a fellow member brings a dog on the property that is aggressive, timid, or distributing the wildlife, we ask that you let them know your concerns directly. We are a small community of 300-400 annual members; most of our members know each other, and all of us our neighbors.
Here are other ways you can help address the situation:
  • Walk your aggressive, timid, or poorly behaved dog during low traffic periods, usually at at dusk or dawn.
  • If you see a member with their pet on a leash, put yours on a leash as you pass them.
  • If a member looks concerned about the presence of a dog, say hello and inquire with them directly.
  • If a member asks you to leash your dog, respect their request without debate; this is a shared space.
  • If a fellow member is ever rude or threatens you, let SLCA know their name and household.
A final note – the woodlands and lakes are a wild space. All use of the trails, forest, and lake are at the user’s risk.

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