a private oasis

Access to Silver Lake and the woodland trails is restricted to Silver Lake Civic Association members and their accompanied guests. Because of decades of generosity from Oglethorpe University, their students and faculty are also welcome.



walking trails

Members of Silver Lake Civic Association enjoy over a mile of well-groomed walking trails, boardwalks, and bridges hidden away within 32 acres of woodlands. Please report trail maintenance issues to our grounds manager.


The Silver Lake Civic Association allows canoe rack slot rental members only to enjoy quietly and safely cruise the lakes on certain watercrafts, including canoes, sailboats, kayaks, john boats, and small paddle boats.

Canoe Racks

The Silver Lake Civic Association provides members an option to rent 60 canoe rack slots.  A year-long waitlist is in effect — check availability by emailing the Boat Rack Manager.  Unauthorized boats may not be stored anywhere on the private property and will be removed.


Canoe rack rental members may fish the lake by boat, practicing catch-and-release fishing only. We closely monitor the health of our lake waters to avoid algae blooms and other toxins.

Bird Watching

As Atlanta’s first large-scale bird sanctuary, Silver Lake awards members with sights of blue herons, Canada geese, mallard ducks, and even endangered species such as Red-cockaded and Pileated Woodpeckers.


Silver Lake is home to much wildlife, ranging from silver foxes to varieties of turtles to endangered bird species. Members are encouraged to remain quiet to enjoy fully the surprises our nature preserve offers them.

rules and regulations


The woodlands and lakes are a wild space. All use of the trails, forest and lake are at the user’s risk.


The use of this property is restricted to dues-paying Association members, their families, and their guests (when accompanied by a member).

  1. Hours: Access to the property is prohibited 15 minutes after sunset to 15 minutes before sunrise. Swimming is absolutely prohibited at all times.
  2. Property: Damage to the property, including littering, can result in expulsion from the property, and suspension of membership privileges.
  3. Racks: All watercraft stored on Silver Lake property must be placed securely in a rented rack space. The watercraft must fit on the assigned rack slot — they may not be wider and must fit the length without alterations.
  4. Equipment: Playing of radios and other sound equipment loudly enough to disturb others is prohibited.
  5. Animals: Release of any domestic ducks, geese, or other live animals into the lake is prohibited.
  6. Fallen Trees: The road and drainage on both sides of the road is owned by the Georgia Department of Transportation. The City of Brookhaven has a 10 foot “right of way” on all private property to install and maintain structures.

Silver Lake Fishing Committee exists to ensure that fishing Silver Lake be as accessible and as abundant as possible, and most especially for the benefit of the younger generation of anglers.

  1. Membership required.  Members are allowed to fish from the shoreline only, whereas current canoe rack renters may fish from their watercraft.  If asked by another member or law enforcement, provide your annual pass email receipt as proof.
  2. Catch and release in full effect. Do not remove any wildlife from the lake. ALL Bass, Bream, bluegill, and shell crackers are catch-and-release.
  3. Limited fishing days. You may only fish up to two (2) days per any given week.
  4. Guest policy. Only one guest per member. The member must be present.
  5. Social media use. Posting photos of fish on any social media network — including Fishbrain, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc — is prohibited.

To avoid misunderstanding, the intent of these boat regulations is to limit the use of the lake to watercraft that are quiet, passive, safe, and do not disturb others.

  1. Gasoline motors are prohibited. Examples of permitted boats would include canoes, sailboats, kayaks, john boats, small paddleboats, and small molded deck boats with pontoons integral to their hull used for cruising or fishing.
  2. There are size limits to watercraft.   The maximum permitted length is 15 feet, except for canoes and kayaks, which may be up to 19 feet in length.
  3. Safety first. Watercraft must meet Coast Guard regulation, including an approved personal flotation device for each occupant.

No docks are permitted on the private property by default.

  1. New Docks: Permission must be obtained from Silver Lake Civic Association before constructing any new dock, and before modifying the size or design of an existing dock.
  2. Existing Docks: Existing docks will be permitted to remain in place as long as they are kept in sound repair, of appropriate size and quality, and active dues-paying membership is maintained.
  3. Maintenance: Broken, damaged, or unsightly docks are to be repaired and/or removed by the owner within 30 days of notice.