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Silver Lake thrives solely because of the time and energy offered by its member volunteers.  Listed below are the many open and available projects we need members to volunteer to champion.


Any member may complete any or all of these ad hoc tasks at any time:

  • Cut ivy off at tree bases
  • Trail & shoreline trash, debris cleanup
  • Clean boardwalks to avoid slipping
  • Clear fallen/rotted trees
  • Bridge & walkway repair

Members have requested several irregular or one-time projects, which each require a champion. SLCA will support this champion by fully funding the materials and hired labor, if necessary:

  • Digitize SLCA documents
  • Update by-law to switch from 501(4)c to 501(3)c
  • Install bike stairway on Ragley Hall/dam trail
  • Repair Ragley Hall/dam trail
  • Update private property/trespassing signage
  • Install steps on eroded trail inclines/declines
  • Install dog waste bins at trailheads
  • Fish habitat sinking
  • Remove tree(s) from Little Silver

Several recurring tasks are required to operate and maintain the 60-acre property.  SLCA will support this champion by fully funding the materials and hired labor, if necessary:

  • Clean dog waste bins at trailheads (weekly)
  • Manage canoe racks & rentals (quarterly)
  • New member welcoming committee (quarterly)
  • Lake quality monitoring (quarterly)
  • Board, Neighborhood, or Committee chair (quarterly)
  • Member renewals (annual)
  • Member appreciation gifts (annual)
  • Lake property member renewal (annual)
  • Socials – fundraiser (annual)
  • Dredge Little Silver (5-8 years)
  • Dredge Silver Lake (10-12 years)

If you are able to volunteer as a champion for a project you are seeking, you will move your project to the top of the list; SLCA will support you by fully funding the effort quickly.

If you are only able to request a new project, and not volunteer to champion it as well, it will take some time until we are able to address your request; the current list of existing projects is quite extensive.

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