Reclaim our Woodlands

Silver Lake is under attack! Invasive plants have overtaken our nature preserve, strangling out the natural beauty of our woodlands.

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After several years of robust growth, our woodlands were overcome with numerous invasive plants — thorny olive, privet, holly, honeysuckle, ivy, leatherleaf, and wisteria.

For two years we asked for your support, and $12,000 later we had enough support to start Reclaiming our Woodlands. The plan was broken into 8 sections, which we addressed by focusing on the highest traffic areas first. As a result, much of the offending flora was removed.

But the battle rages on. Several sections remain inundated with ivy, and privet requires annual removal. We still need your help to reclaim our woodlands from invasive plants. With your support, we shall push back the onslaught and reclaim our woodlands once again!

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Field Guild of Foes

Field Guild of Foes

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