Canoe Rack Slot Rental

From: $375.00 / year

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Silver Lake offers 60 rack slot rentals — WAITLIST ONLY

Silver Lake NeighborhoodsIf you would like to be added to the front of next year’s waitlist, please pre-purchase a rental on back-order now.


  1. Both resident and non-resident neighbors alike may rent a slot; the prices are different.
  2. Residents are households within the yellow boundary of the map.
  3. Boat fishing is permitted only for those resident members that have a rack rental slot, lakefront owners, and resident members who trailer their boats.
  4. Rentals are fulfilled in order of payment date, with priority given to Residents.
  5. The rental fee includes annual membership dues; do not purchase both.
  6. All orders are final; we are unable to provide refunds.

Please pick the tier that reflects your household location.

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Canoe Rack Slot Rental – Non-Resident Renter
$500.00 / year

58 in stock (can be backordered)

Canoe Rack Slot Rental – Resident Renter
$375.00 / year

58 in stock (can be backordered)




This grants either a resident or non-resident household use of a single, assigned canoe rack slot in accordance with the SLCA Rules and Regulations.

  • All purchases occur on a calendar year basis, regardless of the date of purchase; pro-rating is not available.
  • We do not provide any parking options; park on the public streets at your own risk.
  • The Brittany Club is private property — only their own members may use the parking lot, launch, and dock.
  • Your email receipt will serve as proof of purchase if approached by a member or law enforcement.
  • No refunds allowed under any circumstance.

IMPORTANT: The Silver Lake Civic Association woodlands are wild spaces. All users of these trails do so at their own risk. All members shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Silver Lake Civic Association, its members and Directors, from and against all liabilities, damages, losses, expenses, and claims of any nature whatsoever for personal injury and for damage to or loss of any property arising from the use of the property.