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All members, visitors and surrounding homeowners are expected to work diligently as individuals and a group to preserve and enhance the unique natural environment that SLCA’s private lakes and woods provide our community.

To further that objective, the SLCA Board established a Docks & Seawalls Committee (the “Committee”) to develop the following guidance for the construction and maintenance of any manmade structures (e.g. lake walls, “seawalls”, docks, or similar) either within or adjacent to SLCA property. The Committee intends to work with property owners to ensure the continued enjoyment of Silver Lake and the surrounding areas for SLCA members and private landowners alike.

The SLCA Board reserves the right to conduct periodic visual inspections of ongoing projects and existing structures for adherence to this guidance.

Published by committee October 2023
Adopted by Board January 2024


All construction should aim to be ‘visually neutral’ with the surrounding natural environment to the greatest extent possible. In the best-case scenario, all materials will visually blend with SLCA’s existing natural environment – utilizing dark natural colors, variated textures, and low construction heights across the overall design and materials selection process.

All proposed structures (e.g. lake wall) should:

  1. Stand no higher than 12-18” above “full pool” wherever able. See Appendix A regarding the measurement process.
  2. Be constructed from naturally occurring materials, i.e. natural wood or stone as the first option. Any composite materials proposed should have color and texture variations that visually mimic a naturally occurring material (e.g. appreciating a deep brown/green color vs. a bright white/grey; and also a recycled timber vs. a flat polyurethane or metal panel).
  3. Be installed within the homeowner’s property – not within the existing waterline.

In addition, any proposed docks should follow the above, and:

  1. Extend no further than 10’ from the existing shoreline into SLCA waters.
  2. Cover less than 120 square feet of surface area.
  3. Be limited to one dock per property.

During your design phase, we ask that you communicate your intended plans to the SCLA Board utilizing the form at the bottom of this page. Submissions should include an information package with clear attachments covering:

  1. Site plan with location of proposed structures
  2. Image of proposed structure from a prior installation
  3. Material specifications
  4. Builder name
  5. Proposed build date

SLCA Board members will be available to walk the proposed site, view property stakes where structures are proposed to be constructed, photograph conditions, confirm measurements from existing conditions, and communicate with the property owner regarding any concerns or interests of the SLCA Board

Structures should be constructed in compliance with all local, state, and federal permitting requirements.

Property owners should notify the SLCA Board when construction is complete. A board member will walk the site and confirm adherence to all previously discussed measurements and specifications.


The SLCA Board expects all owners of property adjacent to SLCA property to maintain structures on their property in good repair, including maintenance of older or previously existing structures.

All structure owners should be active SLCA members with financial donations in good standing — an annual membership donation of $500 as of 2023.


“Full Pool” is defined as the water level when reaching the base of the 5’ wide trough at the dam spillway.  When at “Full Pool”, water is only running through the immediate center’s deeper trough. To measure:

  1. While exercising great care and doing so at their own risk, adult homeowner or contractor must measure the current delta in water level from this point.
  2. Individuals shall add or subtract that number to the 12-18” maximum height requirement for structures on or abutting SLCA waters.
  3. All stakes shall then reflect this height requirement and construction can commence with all parties acknowledging SLCA may pursue removal of offending structures identified during the post-construction review.
  4. The 12-18” height requirement is set for the safety of any individuals who may fall in the lake and need to attempt exit at any point along the lake’s edge. Any construction above this point will only be considered for approval on the limited home sites where a steeper topography at the lake’s edge dictates the additional height.

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